Treatment systems oil insulation

Treatment systems oil insulation

The transformers are extremely important equipment in an electrical network and represent a major investment to their owners.
The interruption of operation of a transformer can represent significant costs and cause the arrest of a substation and therefore should be subject to appropriate monitoring, in particular its dielectric oil. The insulating oil may be subjected to conditions which will over time lead to a deterioration of certain parameters such as water content, the dielectric strength, color, acidity and appearance, gauze. These aspects might lead to the compromise of the isolation transformer, and in turn cause serious damage.

The services provided in this field, by Cosmanlux are as follows:

• Treatment of insulating oils (filtering, degassing and filling).
This process will reduce the levels of water content of the transformer oil, while increasing its dielectric strength. It also acts at the level of gases contained, reducing its concentration. Acts as an effective preventive measure.

Drying active parts, the Hot-Oil-Spray (HOS) method.

The presence of moisture in the active part of the transformer has the main effect of reducing the strength of the paper and can lead to partial discharge, the accumulation of water. The drying method "hot oil spray", besides being an easily transportable system, allowing operations "on site", acts in rapid elimination of the water content of the active part, with good levels of drying.

Regenerating insulating oil by the method of absorption (füller ground).

The regeneration of insulating oils is a process that makes sense when levels of deterioration even reach values in the simple purification ceases to be effective, allowing not restore their initial conditions. It is a good alternative to full replacement of oil in transformers with advanced age, to acquire similar characteristics to a new oil.
This result is possible through oil recirculation, through filters of land-füller (natural clay absorbent materials). A major advantage of this process is that it can be done "on site" without stopping the processor, allowing the client to have the same in your grid.

Advantages of the oil regeneration compared to replacement oil

• Ecological benefits (reuse of the used oil with no need to manage possible oil residues).
• Cost of less than the full replacement regeneration.
• Possibility to perform the operation without the need to de-energize the transformer.

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