About us

Specialists with... Transformers. UPS. High voltage.

Incorporated on January 25, 2002 as a society in sole name, and its main activity is to carry and repair and maintenance of electrical installations in high, medium and low voltage.

Our Mission

Provide products, develop solutions and provide services in transformers, circuit breakers / switch cut power SF6, QGBT, UPS, generators, batteries and consulting services, with high quality, for the production, transmission and distribution markets, for the resale markets and industrial systems.


JTogether with our partners, be a leader in the provision of services in transformers market;

  • To offer our products, integrated solutions and services that maximize customer satisfaction and competitiveness;
  • Boost innovation as a key factor in creating sustained value, motivating employee commitment, reinforcing the team spirit and the global network of knowledge;
  • Contribute positively to the financial results of the company, ensuring the future and maximizing the satisfaction of management, partners and employees;
  • Cooperate closely with society, respecting people and the environment in which we live.


We enforce our CUSTOMERS - to keep them competitive. Our success depends on the success of our customers

  • We push EFFICIENCY - to shape the future. Efficiency is vital for us
  • We have increased the company's VALUE - to generate new opportunities. We believe in sustainable development by increasing the value of our company
  • We empower our PEOPLE to achieve exceptional levels of performance because, with them, we have the key to our success
  • We take our responsibility to society, for create a better world. Our ideas, efficiency in our activities are in the service of the people, society and the environment.